Photonic Energetics PE-1 Product Features

•  Pulse and direct mode selectable

•  10 selectable bio-resonant Nogier derived pulse frequencies

  • 4.5 Hz, 9 Hz, 18 Hz, 36 Hz, 73 Hz, 146 Hz, 293 Hz, 586 Hz, 1172 Hz, 4688 Hz

•  Auto sequence random frequency select mode

  • Automatically changes between 8 different Nogier frequencies every 7 seconds

•  High precision quartz oscillator and digital circuitry

•  Precise digital intensity control – 10% increments

  • selectable variable output (10% to 100% of full output in 10 steps)

•  Automatic shutdown 15 minute timer with audible tone alert

  • manual restart reinitiates another 15 minute session

•  High quality ergonomic design and safety construction

  • Commercial quality 4 layer UL FR-4 rated circuit boards
  • Electronics and LED array are fully housed and protected in Lexan and flame retardant ABS (UL94V-0 rated) low profile enclosure with fully rounded edges and corners.
  • AC power adapter has automatic fault detection and shut down feature; and light unit electronic circuitry is internally fused. Works on 120 to 240 Volts AC.
  • Heavy gauge, high flexibilty shielded power cable and strain relief is designed for heavy use. Power cable quick disconnect jack allows easy attachment to AC adapter or battery pack. Combined cord length of over 12 feet allows very ample freedom of movement.

•  Fully padded high quality 3 panel carrying case is included for durable travel use.


Photonic Energetics PE-1 Product Specifications

•  140 LED high density, high power array – 5 wavelengths

•  Total output of up to 1100mW over total array area of 55 sq cm

  • Output up to 20 mW/cmē
  • Delivers up to 1.1 joules per second or 66 joules per minute in continuous mode and up to 0.5 joules per second or 33 joules per minute in pulsed mode (over total 55 sq cm total area)

•  112 infrared (invisible) LEDs

• Wavelengths 875 nm, 880 nm, and 940 nm

•  28 far red (visible) LEDs

•  Wavelengths 680 nm and 655 nm

•  Dimensions: 6"(L) x4" (W) x 1 1/8" (D)

•  High capacity, fault protected, computer grade universal 120/240 Volt AC input to 12 Volt DC regulated output, 4 Amp power supply.

•  12 volt car adapter and high capacity 4500mAH rechargable field battery packs are available as options




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